otc_-diet_pillsThe only over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills, which can be a real alternative to natural fat burner Phen375, are Orlistat 60mg. These diet pills are sold in US pharmacies under trade name Alli. Orlistat pills don’t suppress appetite, like Phen375, but help prevent fats absorption in the digestive tract.

Unlike Phen375 pills, which help to limit fat intake, Orlistat pills promote weight loss, even with daily consumption of fats.

  • Orlistat advantage is that this drug helps losing weight, even if the person does not abandon high calorie, tasty food. The main drawback of Orlistat is that they can cause involuntary defecation.
  • Phen375 advantage is that they help to gradually reduce caloric intake and get used to a healthy diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. The only downside of Phen375 is that this natural fat burner has a short, moderate anorexigenic effect.

Unlike RX anorexigenic drugs (Adipex, Ionamin), which help losing weight in just a few weeks, Phen375 diet pills help to achieve the desired results in 3-4 months.

Besides Orlistat and Phen375, dozens of other OTC weight loss products are available in USA, and are being sold online, as well. Many of these weight loss products contain hidden ingredients. Therefore, you should buy diet pills online with caution.

The FDA regularly publishes lists of dangerous diet pills, which obese Americans can buy online without a prescription. The list includes the names of pills, which contain active ingredients, banned for sale in the USA. Phen375 pills have been manufactured in the USA since 2009, in an FDA-approved laboratory. Therefore, there is no doubt that Phen375 is a safe product.

Besides the FDA, lists of potentially dangerous diet pills are published on the websites of national health systems in Canada, Australia, UK and many other countries. If you are already taking diet pills, which you have bought online without a prescription, try to get information about this weight loss product from reliable sources.

Diet pills, containing hidden ingredient

Check out the short list of diet pills, which contain anorexigenic agent Sibutramine.

  • Instant Slim, Fruta Planta, New You, Grease Discharging Machine Capsules, Goodliness Fat-Reducing, Sanovera Starter Capsules, Slim Extra Herbal Capsules, Yixiu L-Carnitina, Slimming Factor, APPLES QUICK-IMPACT WEIGHT LOSS, Magic Slim, Aisiyuan V26, Meizitang Strong Version Botanical, Slimming, MSV (Strong Version), Slimbionic, 4C Cosmoslim, One Weight Loss Pill, GRL (Rapid Loss Soft Gel Capsules), Slim Demand Capsules, BURNERS III, Botanical Weight Loss, FAT 2 AND 1, Zhen De Shou Fat Loss Capsules, ESV (Extra Strong Version), Strawberry Balance, Acaiberry Living-XS, Meizi Evolution, Slim Magic Herbal, Fat Zero, CanSui.

Many manufacturers and distributors do not publish information that these weight loss products contain active ingredient Sibutramine, banned for sale in the USA, and dozens of other countries.

Results of clinical studies have shown that Sibutramine-containing weight loss products can cause irreversible cardiovascular pathology. Therefore, you should discontinue such weight loss products.

If you bought one of these weight loss products online, immediately discontinue its use and discuss alternative OTC diet pills with your doctor. It is possible that instead of diet pills, containing hidden ingredient Sibutramine, doctor will recommend you safe OTC weight loss product Phen375.