Do you aim to lose weight, but all seemed against you? These orange wallpapers in the kitchen increase your appetite and painted plates on which food looks so delicious that you want to eat a double portion … Stop! It is time to shift the scene and upgrade your kitchen!

Put things in order

Put Things In OrderThere is a book “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat” by an American designer-decorator Peter Walsh.

There the author tells in detail about relationship between clutter in the kitchen (and in the apartment as a whole) and weight gain.

He is convinced that extra weight accumulates in proportion to garbage volume – dirty dishes, not used or broken down household appliances and just little things thrown about everywhere.

Probably, you often eat on the go or order food from restaurants, Walsh presupposes. Is it true? Urgently start spring-cleaning. When the house is clean, mental well-being will be improved. It is known that one of the secrets of successful weight loss – is a good mood.

Get rid of temptations

Get rid of temptationsTake away cookbooks with delicious colorful illustrations. Instead of paper bestselling cookbooks, keep handy mobile applications, such as:

  • Meal Snap determines caloric value of foods taking a picture of your plate;
  • BodyShot – is a motivational application, it is necessary to periodically upload your photos and measurement results, the program calculates dynamics of weight loss and indicates what to pay more attention to;

Self-Hypnosis for Weight Control – is a virtual textbook of self-hypnosis to maintain an optimal weight.

Update the color palette

Update the color palette

Do you want to eat less? Change color of your walls in the kitchen.

Bright – intensifies hunger, dark – on the contrary suppresses it.
According to German scientists, shades of gray and pastel colors are considered favorable colors.

Avoid red and orange colors in your kitchen. As for kitchen utensils, dark green, blue, brown and black suppress appetite.

However, it is not recommended to eat without desire, even during weight loss. When you eat with pleasure, saturation comes faster. Therefore, a neutral white color is optimal for plates.

Buy useful gadgets

In the 21 century, it is a crime not to use such practical devices as:

  • Dehydrator

Electric device for drying fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, bread and meat at a minimum temperature of the airflow.

  • Container for greens

Just put washed and dried herbs in it and pour water. Greens retain the original appearance and taste within three weeks.

  • Yogurt maker

A true yogurt – is primarily live bifidobacteria. In supermarkets, sweetened dairy products more and more often occur. Cooking yogurt at home, you are personally fill it with valuable substances.

Break down stereotypes

A powerful enemy of weight loss – is habits.

Because of them, we unknowingly commit actions that prevent to lose weight.

For example, there is a vase with candies on your table and you automatically take a candy from it each time on the way to the kitchen. Taking out food of the refrigerator, you take ketchup because it is always stored in the same place. Little things, but extra calories are accumulated.

Replace the vase with sweets by flower ikebana and put ketchup on another shelf.

Four-five transformations are quite enough.

Now, not finding the sauce in the usual place, you stop to think – whether to take it or not.

Add creative accessories

Creative AccessoriesIn one way or another, any diet is accompanied by feeling of hunger.

So that the feeling of hunger does not prevent to stick to intended target, it is important to turn your attention to funny details of kitchen atmosphere.

There is a wide variety of accessories on the Internet – timer in the shape of a tomato, support for toothpicks in the shape of doll, cutting board like a book, and even chopsticks for sushi imitating lightsabers like in the movie “Star Wars.”

By the way, do not install TV in the kitchen.

Watching different movies or TV shows, you will forget about food.

This does not mean that you will forget to eat, but conversely you will eat a portion of food in a few minutes, badly chewing food, so you will not feel full, because the body does not have time to give a signal about saturation in the brain for such short time.