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Contents, export and responsibility

Content, functionality, technical characteristics, information on Phen375 prices, images and other data, published on this website, can change without prior notice.

This website may contain information that is not a guide to action. Your computer operating system can distort colors, shapes, sizes and other graphic display of information, published on this website.

Information about services, products and special promo actions gives no guarantee that these proposals will be active at any time. By ordering, you thereby confirm that this weight loss drug and any other products available on the website will be used for legal purposes only.

The return of this weight loss drug is only possible according to “Return Policy” and “Quality Guarantee” terms. If employees of the client support service reveal any signs of fraudulent activity of the buyer, the application for cash refund can be canceled.

After purchasing of this weight loss drug, it is delivered to the address indicated in the order. All orders are fulfilled according to delivery agreement between the buyer, shipper, exporter and importer.

If postal item was damaged or lost in transit, all claims should be addressed to a postal service. The importer of Phen375 natural fat burner must comply with the laws, rules and requirements, imposed to imported over-the-counter medications.

Phen375 weight loss pills are exported according to the customs rules and laws of the USA. To get the list of countries, to which Phen375 cannot be exported, call the client support service. Client support employees are ready to serve you 24/7.

Confirmation of information

We work every day to provide the site visitors with the fullest, objective and reliable information. Prices, delivery terms and special offers can change without prior notice of the site visitor. So, before placing an order, please contact the client support employee and get the confirmation of information you are interested in.

Logging in the site, you thereby confirm that you agree with order, delivery and return policy terms. When registering your account, you should indicate your real email address, to which you will further receive confirmations of all the details of your order.

You can confirm the order:

  • During your ordering
  • Over phone after ordering
  • Via the confirmation letter received by email

The supplier has the right to cancel or limit the number of orders without notifying the buyer. It takes some time to check out the reliability of provided information and make a decision on the buyer’s order.

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Trade names

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Links to the site

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Links to third parties

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Indecent contents

Distribution or posting of any indecent, abusive, libelous and illegal content that is considered as a felony or administrative infraction – are prohibited.

The site administration has the right to take any necessary measures to prevent a felony or administrative infraction as to inform the law enforcement about unlawful activities.

Information about visitors

Personal data, questions, comments and any other information you post on this site are confidential.

The site administration guarantees the confidentiality of personal data of the site visitors, yet has the right to use their ideas and proposals in marketing, commercial and noncommercial purposes.

The administration of this site can but not obliged to monitor the information you are trying to publish on this site.

The information you leave in your comments can be deleted and your account locked without prior notice.


Any content published on the site can be incomplete, outdated or can mismatch the opinion of this site administration.

Posting of any information on this site is subject to legislative norms and regulations. All claims on the quality of provided services must be presented to the manufacturer and the supplier of Phen375 weight loss medication.

Limitation of liability

The site administration assumes no liability for damage that may be caused to operation system or computer by viruses while uploading any content from the site.

For unauthorized copy of information from this site and its further usage for commercial, noncommercial and other purposes, you can be prosecuted according to applicable law.

All claims on quality of provided services are considered in accordance with the “Return Policy”, “Quality Guarantee”, as well as “Terms and Conditions” of this agreement. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of Phen375 and cash refund.


Terms and Conditions of this agreement can be changed and updated without prior notice periodically. Terms and Conditions can be supplemented by information, posted on other pages of the site. Before using the information, published on the site, it is recommended to familiarize oneself with the current version of Terms and Conditions.


Terms and Conditions are interpreted regardless of the conflicts of laws. These Terms and Conditions are made and maintained in printed form, like any other agreement.

Account removal

Visitors of this site can delete their account anytime and without explaining the reason.

The site administration can lock the access to the registered account. Before deleting the account, the site visitors are personally responsible for placing orders.


Information published on the site must not be considered as medical advice, and must never be used for diagnosis and self-treatment of any disease. Before starting anti-obesity treatment course, you should learn carefully the instructions for use of Phen375.

Third parties

These Terms and Conditions are not applicable to third parties that do not participate in registration and fulfillment of an order. When filing claims by a third party, these Terms and Conditions will be void.

Limitation of export

The site visitors, registering their account outside the USA, bear responsibility for the compliance with national laws that may differ from the USA laws.

Export of nonprescription weight loss drugs (e.g. Phen375) is limited in some countries. So, make sure Phen375 can be shipped to your country before buying this over-the-counter fat burner.

Dispute resolution

Regardless of the peculiarities of national laws in the buyer’s country, any claims associated with the use of information posted on this site, can be presented within a year (twelve months) after placing an order.

Final provisions

Please, read these Terms and Conditions carefully. If you disagree with any item of these Terms and Conditions, please refrain from using the information of this site.