Everyone knows that success of slender figure – is a balanced mix of workouts, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. It sounds pretty boring! However, many famous actresses and models have little secrets that help them to stay slim and fit.

J. Lo: grapefruit oil

J. LoJennifer Lopez looks great.

Grapefruit oil helps the superstar to maintain her ideal figure. She does not drink it or rub into the skin, but sniffs to curb the appetite.

Bitter citrus scent helps J.Lo control her appetite, when she wants to snack at night or at other inopportune time.

It is said that Carmen Electra uses the same method to look perfect.

Miranda Kerr: unusual workouts

Miranda KerrTop model exactly knows that small children are not a hindrance of graceful figure.

In an interview, Miranda confessed: “I jump on a trampoline with my son.

This is a great load running around everywhere with him.

We turn on the music and dance. It is great to spend time together and herewith I train….”

Kim Kardashian: corset

Kim KardashianAfter the daughter birth, Kim Kardashian quickly regained her waist.

In Instagram, Kim confessed that Waist Training Corset helped her to do so.

According to Kardashian, the corset should be worn for at least five hours a day and, of course, during fitness activities as well.

Many doctors have opposed the “corset sport”, but nevertheless #waisttraining hashtag has become very popular in Instagram, but weight loss method of Kim has already thousands of followers.

Marisa Miller: game of reflection

Marisa MillerOne of the sexiest women of the planet advises everybody, who wants to be in good shape, go without clothes (or in underwear) at home and regularly look in the mirror.

“So you will have an incentive to continue training – Marisa explains – If you want to stuff yourself with food, stand before the mirror and think again whether it is worth it.”

Jennifer Aniston: baby time

Jennifer AnistonFitness trainer Tracy Anderson offered her client Jennifer Aniston baby food diet. To appear in all its glory in a new film, the actress replaced her lunch and dinner by baby puree from jars.

Baby food is cooked of pureed vegetables, fruits or meat without salt, preservatives and other additives that contributes to removal of excess fluid and acceleration of metabolism. In addition, you can easily make up a varied menu for a day, based on caloric value of a puree indicated on the jar.

To lose weight quickly, it is recommended to consume 1000-1200 calories per day. Note that it is not worth to eat pureed food for a long time. Otherwise, your digestive system will forget how to cope with adult food and your lost kilograms will come back.

Jessica Alba: 50/50

Jessica AlbaA Hollywood actress and business woman, Jessica Alba has an ideal figure.

Jessica’s secret is quite simple; she is usually eats only a half of portion instead of the whole.

In addition, Alba limits herself in carbohydrates and completely abandons bread.

Although, she says that indulges herself with sweets sometimes.

Heidi Klum: lemonade detox

Heidi KlumHeidi Klum has repeatedly tried out on herself this extreme method of weight loss.

Recipe of the Master Cleanse lemonade is simple: mix 2 liters of water, 14 tablespoons of lemon juice, 14 tablespoons of maple syrup and add a half of a tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

  • This drink is consumed throughout the day.

In addition, morning should be started with a glass of salt water, at night – tea with laxative effect. In addition to lemonade, plain water and green tea can be consumed. Definitely, such method of weight loss can last only 2-3 days not to harm your health.

Then it is best to combine lemonade with vegetables, lean meat or fish. Remember: if not to change eating habits after this diet, the lost pounds will return very quickly.