Return Policy Of Phen375

Purchasing of Phen375 involves the agreement with payment and delivery terms of these over-the-counter weight loss tablets.

All the purchasers of Phen375 can return these weight loss pills after receiving the order.

To do this, a purchaser should send a request to the client support service.

The return of Phen375 can be fulfilled only if:

  • The package with Phen375 tablets was not opened.
  • Marketable condition of Phen375 has no defects.

If you have found a hidden manufacturing defect after your Phen375 tablets were delivered, you should notify the client support service about it, at least 30 days after placing your order.

Each return request is given an individual number. Phen375 return requests that have not been confirmed by their individual number, are not accepted.

To get more information on Phen375 “Return Policy”, please apply to the client support service.