Quality Guarantee Of Diet Pills Phen375

Quality guarantee is provided to all buyers of Phen375 diet pills.

This guarantee is valid if not only natural fat burner Phen375 is used for weight loss, but also drug free ways of weight loss.

If the use of Phen375 fat burner, low-calorie diet and increase in physical activity failed to achieve a significant weight loss within 30 days, you can count on the return of Phen375 cost.

According to the “refund policy», you can recoup only the cost of Phen375 anti-obesity medication. Delivery expenses of natural fat burner Phen375 are not compensated. For money return, it is enough to contact customer support and:

  1. To indicate weight before Phen375 use
  2. To indicate weight after 30-day Phen375 use

This information should be confirmed by a nutritionist or treating doctor.

Before you start using fat burner Phen375, weigh a few times and record the data in the weight loss table. You can download online a low-calorie diet plan and the table for daily weight count.

The minimum recommended duration of using Phen375 diet pills is 30 days.

After 30 days of regular use of Phen375 medication, you have 15 days to apply for money return.

High quality of Phen375 diet pills is confirmed not only by 45-day money back guarantee, but also by “Registration certificate”:

  • Approved by the U.S. Agency Registrar Corp
  • Registered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration