Metabolism processes

For sure, you have heard many times that the metabolism acceleration (metabolic processes) in the body is one of the primary tasks in the field of combating obesity. This topic is often covered in the press, on topical Internet portals, on TV, etc. However, do you know what the metabolism really is? What functions does it perform? How to learn to control it by yourself?

Cell metabolism processes: what is it?

Metabolism is a set of specific chemical reactions in the body needed for:

  • building of new cells and tissues;
  • removal of toxins and slags;
  • extraction of nutrients and their distribution over the cells.

Therefore, a harmonious and stable metabolism in the person’s body ensures a good function of all organs, is an indicator of good health, longevity and a slim figure. Metabolic disorder or slow metabolism often leads to a rapid accumulation of subcutaneous fat, but high – to a lack of weight.

Metabolic disorder

Metabolic processes constantly occur in the body. Consequently, energy reserves are always expended: during mental and physical exertion, during sleep, etc. In this regard, even a small metabolic disorder is fraught with serious consequences.

The most common ailments in metabolic disorders are as follows:

  • Gierke’s disease;
  • mental disorder, depression, apathy;
  • albinism;
  • gout;
  • heart failure;
  • obesity.

The main causes of metabolism disorder are as follows:

  • hereditary factor;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • excess or lack of nutrients;
  • stress;
  • sleep disorder.

How to accelerate the metabolism process

You can boost metabolic processes in the body by yourself at home. To do this, follow some simple rules.

  • Eat more protein food. It is known that the body expends more energy on digesting this product than receives.
  • Instead of the usual morning coffee, start your day with a cup of fragrant green tea with cinnamon or melissa.
  • Be sure to drink enough water. Lack of fluid makes the liver to work by several times more. As a result, fats are poorly digested.
  • Add spices and seasonings to your favorite dishes.
  • Daily eat foods high in iron. Because of the deficiency of this substance, hemoglobin level decreases resulting in slow metabolism.
  • Eat more dairy products of good quality. Calcium contained in them will additionally stimulate your metabolism.
  • Do not forget about vitamins. To do this, daily consume fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, berries and nuts.
  • Take exercise or walking for half an hour a day.

The metabolism process in the body

Only specialists, such as dieticians and endocrinologists can 100% determine what kind of metabolism you have after carrying out special tests and studies. However, the following signs may indicate a disturbance (slowing) of metabolic processes:

  • you are always feeling cold and even in the summer you sleep under the blanket;
  • you do not enjoy the active rest, you do not want to do anything;
  • the waist volume is from 85 cm in women and from 100 cm in men.