What juicing is – principles of trendy juice diet

While nutritionists sound the alarm about the fact that people consume too little fruits and vegetables, celebrities make it a rule to start the day with a photo of green smoothies in Instagram, so the number of services for delivery of healthy drinks is increasing with cosmic speed.

Juicing DietWhy is juicing useful for health? The American Tara Ostrowe, the author of detox programs of a company Organic Religion helped to understand this.

  • Firstly, juicing diet – is a great way to get rid of toxins, to normalize metabolism and improve skin condition.

The principle of operation is similar to detox, the body does not need to process heavy food, and it uses saved energy for self-cleaning. “Juicing is useful namely by its cleanse effect.

Certainly, you will get rid of extra kilos after such diet.

Agree that this is a very pleasant “side effect”- Tara smiles. If you follow the rules of juicing detox for a few days monthly, experts promise that the result will not keep you waiting: thin waist and good mood will be your faithful companions.

  • Why should we need to squeeze juice from fruits, we can eat them whole?

Tara explains: “We can and must eat vegetables and fruits in large quantities. Generally, I recommend necessarily to include them in the diet not only before and after the detox.

The fact is that a glass of cold-pressed juice contains beneficial vitamins and minerals much more than 2-3 apples that you can eat throughout the day.

Vegetable salad with lemon dressingFor example, being on juicing of Organic Religion program you consume about 6 kg of vegetables and fruits. In fact, you will hardly eat so many fruits and vegetables for one day. “

But do not rush headlong into juicing immediately, a long course nothing but headache and lethargy will not bring. “I recommend to begin with one-day Organic Religion program, its menu includes 8 juice bottles of 300 ml.

On the second day, listen to your body, it will tell you whether to continue juicing diet or not.

If you are a beginner, do not use juices more than 3 consecutive days.

  • Vegetable salad with lemon dressing will help to overcome a strong feeling of hunger.

Here works the same rule as in the sport – a secret of success is not in the duration of juice detox, but in its regularity. «By the way, there is no need to train intensively during juicing detox, enjoy a relaxing yoga or do stretching.

It is particularly pleased that juicing for weight loss does not require a full transition to fruit and vegetable drinks.

“Useful juice “snack” gives lightness and energy. In addition, juices will help to switch to a healthy menu. There is even a special program for busy moms and business women in our Organic Religion.

Set of three juices replaces breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day, but you may not refuse from business or family dinner, – says Tara.

Remember that body weight depends on proper lifestyle, so healthy diet and active lifestyle should be regular.

After all, if you order juices just because ate a lot of sweets on the eve, and after the detox again will succumb to the temptation, then do not expect excellent results. Listen to your body, juicing diet – is not stress, but rest for it, it will tell you “thank you” for this”.

By the way, you can cook juices by yourself in your kitchen.

“It is unlikely that you will make cold pressed juice at home, because a special juicer is needed for this.
However, usual fresh will saturate your body with vitamins. Squeeze mixes of fruits and vegetables, add more greens (such as spinach) and drink as a snack.

The only thing I do not recommend is to make up detox program by yourself, because a large amount of juice requires careful observance of proportions. Only dietitian will cope with this “- explains Tara.