Hollywood celebrities know best of all how to lose excess weight fast, painlessly and with a guarantee. We managed to found out more about the secret treatments, which they apply, when the exit to the red carpet is only a few days away!

Treatment No. 1: Wraps

WRAPSThe principle of the wraps action is simple:

  • thanks to the heating (under the thermal blanket), the active substances penetrate into the tissues faster and deeper,
  • the presence of the drainage components in the wrapping product removes excess water from the body.

These effects provide a one-time 1-2 kg weight loss, and a loss of up to 5 kg in two weeks of the wrapping course. This is quite a satisfactory result for Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman and Salma Hayek.


  • The procedure is quite simple.You can do it even in a small beauty salon. If you do not use luxury brand products, the price will be low.
  • It is very pleasant. You will be covered with fragrant compounds, wrapped in a blanket and allowed to sleep for at least 40 minutes.
  • There is no risk of getting complications or the reverse effect.


  • In fact, you should not seriously expect that wraps will reduce fat deposits.They will remove excess fluid and make your skin smoother, yet they will not help you get rid of fat.
  • Since the volume reduction is achieved due to the withdrawal of excess fluid, the effect is rather short-lived.The volumes lost will return after the first visit to a sushi restaurant.

Treatment No. 2: Anti-cellulite Massage

ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGEManual massage, which is aimed at combating local fat deposits and skin irregularities is one of the most common treatments for reducing volumes. By the way, it is also one of the most ancient treatments. More than a thousand years ago, a technology called “A Thousand Angry Fingers” was known in China.

The principle of the treatment is as follows: due to deep thoroughly kneading movements, the master physically crushes the fatty knots, which provide the unpleasant orange peel effect. Gradually, your internal organs will remove this fat in a natural way. Yet the visual effect will be noticeable sooner. In a couple of treatments, your waist and hips can decrease by 3-5 cm!


  • It really helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to correct the figure in some cases.


  • It is painful.It is very, very painful. And do not believe, when the masseur seems surprised at your crying, while all the rest tolerate the procedure quite comfortably. What is there to yell about, if he is only warming you up. It is no accident that the anti-cellulite massage regularly falls into various ratings of the most painful procedures invented by mankind.
  • After this wonderful procedure, you will have bruises on your skin, as well as blood boils and bursting blood vessels, which will disappear in 2-3 weeks after the completion of the course.Keep this in mind if you are planning to go on vacation, swim in the pool or walk in a short dress.
  • To get a noticeable effect, the masseur must be a master of his craft.And finding such professional is not an easy task.
  • The anti-cellulite massage can not be done on all areas of the body.For example, if you have uneven skin on your stomach, the master is unlikely to help you, because not every woman is aware of her pelvic diseases.

Treatment No. 2: Steam Bath

STEAM BATHSteam baths, saunas, hammam and therma baths are known to mankind from ancient time. At that, every people brought its own characteristics to the steaming procedure:

  • The Turks came up with a soap massage in the bath.
  • The Russians came up with thrashing each other with sauna whisks.
  • The Japanese came up with rubbing the body with coarse sea salt.

Any kind of steaming activates the metabolic processes, helps the body get rid of excess fluid, and, consequently, decreases the body volume. The recommended frequency is 1 time per week.


  • Bath influences the general state of health in a beneficial way.Therefore, even if you do not lose weight, you will get rid of stress and will almost certainly feel better.


  • No matter what they say, it’s impossible to “melt” fat in the steam room.With active sweating, you can remove excess water, and the scales can show a minus one to two kilograms after your bath session. Yet all this is due to the loss of fluid, and not fat. To ensure yourself about this, take a closer look at the professional bathhouse attendants. Many of them are overweight, and their fat does not melt, for some reason, even while they stay in the steam room every day.
  • To achieve a stable reduction in weight and volume (for example, as professional sportsmen do during the cutting phase), your bath visit should not last less than 2-3 hours, 2-3 times a week.But this is a very serious burden, which not everyone can withstand.
  • Steam bath is incredibly harmful to all those, who have weak blood vessels.Varicose veins, vascular nets, redness of the skin and even interruptions in the heart are a serious risk.

Treatment No. 4: R-sleek

The newest machine treatment, which allows you to reduce the volume, adjust the figure and get rid of the visible manifestations of cellulite. This is a new, absolutely unique form of anti-cellulite massage that absorbed all its advantages:

  • effective and guaranteed splitting of fatty structures without the risk of damaging tissues and internal organs;
  • modeling the figure with individual preferences, stimulating the subcutaneous layers of the dermis to grow young cells and smoothen the skin surface.
  • Developers of R-Sleek managed to achieve almost complete leveling of negative aspects, like muscle pain, bruises, blood boils and traumatic sensations in the process. How does the procedure work?

The problem areas are massaged with a 10-row manipulator that has symmetrically arranged rollers.

The pressure of the hand piece will be determined by a specialist to avoid pain, and to achieve an effect. Due to the compression effect, the lymphatic drainage improves, which means a faster elimination of both fluid and fat deposits.

A “side effect” of the treatment is an enhanced synthesis of collagen and elastin. Thus, the skin becomes smoother, cellulite goes away, fat deposits decrease, and the figure becomes more toned.

The R-Sleek procedure provoked a whole information wave in the media – many Russian beauty bloggers tried it: Anna Lemesh, known as missAnnsh, Veronika Zabarska, hiding under the pseudonym nikkoko8, Anna Ustyuzhanina, finalist of Miss Russia 2016 Alina Goncharova, Ekaterina Kate Vik and many others.

Hmm, it seems that Nicole Kidman and Salma Hayek are somewhat behind the times!


  • R-SLEEKIt will not hurt you!The procedure is carried out in a special suit that distributes pressure and protects the skin from possible injury. This is almost a unique case, when an effective procedure for weight reduction does not deliver the slightest painful sensations, because the device does not damage the upper layers of the skin.
  • R-Sleek can affect any problem area (for example, remove fat only on the stomach or in the waist and hips).
  • It is suitable even for women with varicose veins and low threshold of sensitivity.
  • After the first treatment, it becomes clear that the skin has become silky and tightened, after the sixth – the body volumes change significantly, and after a complete course the figure acquires a clear outline.


  • After a full course of procedures on the device R-Sleek you will have to change the wardrobe, because you will lose weight by 1-2 sizes. So get ready for shopping!