The daily routine for those who want to lose weight: when to eat and how to work out ? Want to lose weight? Maybe you’re keeping to a diet, and regularly working out, but yet the scales numbers are the same? We have created a perfect plan to achieve the desired results.

Longing for a perfect shape requires a thoroughly developed plan.

Of course, you can say that healthy food and regular exercise are a good strategy, but in fact it is only a part of success.

So we designed a good day schedule for training and eating to help you get your dream body.

You can speed up the metabolism, burn calories and seriously work out with belly fat deposits with our 24-hour program with tips.


Waking up, stretching, and simple 2 minute exercises: jumping, touching the knees with your palms, pushing or twisting.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs and two slices of bacon or any high protein breakfast – to your taste. In 2009, a study conducted at the Purdue University (Indiana, USA) has showed that protein meals in the morning reduces hunger all day long and help avoid overeating.


Workout at home or in the gym. Pays attention that in muscle-strengthening exercises the weight is to be lowered slowly. Each approach should take 3 seconds, then, according to a research by the University of Wayne, metabolism is expected to be increased within the next 1-3 days. The research enrolled volunteers who worked with heavy weights in 5 sets of 6 reps for each exercise.


A glass of milk. Calcium-rich dairy products can improve weight loss – the 2007 study involving volunteers with varying obesity degrees confirms this conclusion.


High protein snack. For example, a small sandwich with chicken or turkey fillet, whole wheat bread, and hard cheese. University of Georgia conducted a study confirming that the athletes having 3 snacks (230 calories each) during the day spent more energy and have increased activity compared to the athletes ignoring snacks.


Take a break at work and walk around the office or a short walk down the street. A recent study by Mayo Clinic clarified that slim people walk at the average by 5 km per day more comparing to those with overweight.


Lunch: Spinach salad with grilled halibut and almonds: each ingredient contains a lot of magnesium – a mineral aiding digestion.


If any meeting is assigned at the office, try not to sit long in a conference room.


A glass of chilled green tea with no sugar. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, catechins contained in this drink, help to reduce body fat. However avoid ready-made green tea in bottles: they contain dyes, sweeteners, flavorings and preservatives.


A handful of wasabi-crusted peanuts. Spices help digestion and burn calories. According to a 2006 research, spicy food can speed up the metabolism.


Before (or after) dinner – a walk. Fast walking will help the body cope with food consumed for the day.


Have dinner. If the lunch was light, dinner can be more serious. “No matter when your body gets a main dose of calories; just stay within daily rate”, – says MD Gary D. Foster, director of Temple University Center for Obesity Research and Education.


Read a book, turn on good music and relax. Stress increases levels of cortisol – a hormone that causes the body to stock up fat. In addition, calming pleasant experience at this time of night will help you fall asleep faster.


Close the curtains so the sun will not wake you up too early, and go to sleep. Sleep disorders affect the hormones that control appetite, and cause a constant hunger feeling.