alternatives_pillsHundreds of different weight loss products are produced in the USA, but only some of them are leaders in retail sales. Both prescription RX and over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills are popular in the USA.

  • Advantages of RX drugs are that they help to lose weight in just a few weeks. The main drawback of RX anti-obesity drugs is that drug dependence may develop in just a few weeks of their use.

Due to the potential risk of abuse, RX diet pills can be taken no longer, than 2-3 months. Besides, patients, prone to alcoholism or drug addiction, should avoid taking RX diet pills.

  • OTC diet pills are advantageous by the fact that they create no potential health hazards for obese people. Therefore, they can be taken even by people, who have uncontrolled hypertension, complicated by obesity and other risk factors.

Phen375 have been the most popular OTC diet pills in the USA for over 5 years. Hundreds and thousands of real reviews on Phen375 leave no doubt that these natural diet pills actually contribute to weight loss.

It is hard to imagine that diet pills, which contain only natural active ingredients, can reduce hunger, increase metabolism and promote fat burning. However, photographs of people before and after using Phen375 make you believe that these natural diet pills actually promote weight loss.

Potential buyers of Phen375 pills are obese Americans, who are contraindicated RX anti-obesity drugs, or in whom RX diet pills cause severe side effects.

Phen375 can be used as an alternative to any RX anti-obesity drug, available in the US pharmacies, including such drugs, as Phentermine, Lorcaserin and Diethylpropion.

  • Phentermine is the most often prescribed RX anti-obesity drug in the USA. Obese Americans know it better under trade names Suprenza, Adipex, and Ionamin.

Anorexic effect of Phentermine is stronger, than anorexic effect of Phen375 pills. However, risks, caused by Phentermine, are above potential health benefits for many obese patients. Therefore, Phentermine is contraindicated to hundreds of thousands of obese Americans. While in European countries, this psychostimulant is banned for sale.

  • Diethylpropion had been available in US pharmacies for several decades, but still has not demonstrated advantages over stimulant Phentermine.

In US, Diethylpropion is better known under trade name Tenuate. Europeans know this RX drug better by alternative name Amfepramone. Level of Diethylpropion anorexigenic effect is lower, than of Phentermine, but higher than of Phen375. At the same time, side effects and contraindications for Diethylpropion are almost the same, as those of Phentermine.

  • Lorcaserin is a new RX anti-obesity drug, which appeared in the US pharmacies in 2012. You can buy Lorcaserin in the USA under trade name Belviq.

Lorcaserin has successfully passed clinical trials, but the long-term post-marketing studies Lorcaserin are not yet over. Therefore, data on Lorcaserin efficacy and safety is limited only by the results of preclinical and clinical studies.

It is known that Lorcaserin helps many patients to reduce weight by not more than 5% in 3 months. This result doesn’t allow talking about a high efficiency of Lorcaserin. After all, the same result can be achieved through natural diet pills Phen375, which, unlike Lorcaserin, don’t cause psychiatric side effects.

RX anti-obesity drugs Phentermine, Diethylpropion and Lorcaserin have one distinct advantage over OTC diet pills Phen375. These drugs inhibit appetite after the first dose. So, many obese Americans, taking these drugs, manage to lose weight in just a few weeks.

Despite this advantage, not everyone can use these drugs to fight obesity. Indeed, the list of contraindications to Lorcaserin, Phentermine and Diethylpropion consists of several dozens of diseases and conditions. At that, many contraindications for RX anti-obesity drugs are obesity-related diseases.

That’s why obese Americans, who are contraindicated to use RX appetite suppressants, buy less effective, but absolutely safe Phen375 pills.

Indeed, the inability to use RX drugs contributes to progression and development of obesity-related diseases. Phen375 not only helps to achieve significant weight loss, but also to prevent weight re-gain.

If you want to lose weight without harming your health, order a natural fat burner right now, and just in a few days it will be delivered to the specified address. If you’ve never bought OTC diet pills online in the USA, ask all your questions by mail or phone before buying Phen375 (call is free for US residents).