tenuate_dospanTenuate Dospan is brand name weight loss tablets, which contain active pharmaceutical ingredient Diethylpropion. Watson Pharmaceuticals (now Actavis, Inc) is the owner of brand name Tenuate Dospan. The FDA approved Tenuate Dospan weight loss tablets in November 1959.

Tenuate Dospan is being sold in U.S. pharmacies in controlled-release tablets form. Each Tenuate Dospan tablet contains 75 mg of anorexigenic agent Diethylpropion. Due to the controlled release, Diethylpropion weight loss tablets can be taken once a day.

Anorexigenic effect of natural product Phen375 is slightly lower, than of weight loss tablets Tenuate Dospan, so diet pills Phen375 should be taken 2 times a day. OTC drug Phen375 consists of 8 natural ingredients, pharmaceutical effect of which is similar to the anorexigenic action of Phentermine.

At the same time, Phen375 does not have negative side effects, which are inherent to the original weight loss tablets Tenuate Dospan or Phentermine. Released in 2009, Phen375 is an effective weight loss drug, consisting of the most powerful fat burners. Phen375 not only suppresses appetite, breaks down fatty tissue and increases metabolism, but also reduces body’s ability to store fat.

RDK Global developed Phen375 to stop food cravings in people with eating disorders. Patient, taking Phen375, does not have to exercise his willpower. Due to caffeine, contained as a part of Phen375, person can control hunger. Caffeine suppresses cravings, allowing people to stick to any strict diet.

Proprietary blend of Phen375 only works in conjunction with a low calorie diet and exercise. Each Phen375 ingredient is aimed at weight loss:

  • caffeine – suppresses appetite and helps to stick to the strictest diet
  • coleus forskohlii – stimulates destruction of fatty cells
  • cayenne (capsicum) – increases thermogenesis
  • citrus aurantium extract – improves metabolism and speeds up fat burning
  • L-carnitine – stimulates the fat burning and improves physical endurance
  • calcium carbonate – strengthens bone tissue
  • chromium picolinate – reduces the blood cholesterol
  • dendrobium nobile extract – improves cognitive function

Regular intake of diet pills Phen375 allows you to burn up to 2, 5 kg per week, on average. Within 30 days of Phen375 pharmacotherapy, you may lose more than 10% of initial body weight and improve not only your physical appearance, but also your overall health.

If you want to use Phen375 for a long-term therapy of obesity, then you can buy Phen375 diet tablets online. Ordering Phen375 you can choose the payment and shipping variants for Phen375 natural product.