pills_for_obesityObesity is one of the actual problems of modern health care. In almost all regions of the world the number of obese people has been steadily growing. Herewith, in most cases reasons of obesity development are not genetic and hormonal disorders but poor nutrition and reduced physical activity.

The most common complication of obesity is considered to be metabolic syndrome. The main pathologies of metabolic syndrome include: cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, insulin resistance and dyslipidemia.

It is necessary to reduce body weight in order to decrease the risk of obesity-related pathologies. Obese patients are recommended to stick to a low-calorie diet and to increase physical activity for weight loss.

However, physical activity is contraindicated in patients with obesity, accompanied by high blood pressure. But, a lack of exercise exacerbates hypodynamia and leads to a greater fat deposition. Hence, if obesity is associated with hypertension, metabolic syndrome and other obesity-related pathologies keep progressing.

Progression of metabolic syndrome slows down the metabolic rate in the body and impedes fat burning. Herewith, the most effective method to decrease the risk of metabolic syndrome is overweight reduction.

If diet and physical activity do not contribute to weight loss or a patient for some reason cannot adhere to a low-calorie diet and to do exercise, herbal medicine Phen375 will help to reduce the body weight.

The most common cause of inability to reduce the body weight is a slow metabolism and inability to control appetite. Phen375 was developed specifically to help obese patients to control appetite and to speed up metabolism in the body.

Use of Phen375 increases natural production of norepinephrine, which increases fat mobilization and metabolic rate. Use of herbal pills Phen375 also allows to feel full even when consuming minimum amount of food.

Diet pills Phen375 not only suppress appetite but also increase the rate of burning calories. Herewith, amount of muscle mass does not decrease. Use of diet pills Phen375 for 6 months helps to reduce the body weight by 10-15% of the initial weight.

In addition, in patients taking herbal pills Phen375 tissue sensibility to insulin increases, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism improves, as well as blood pressure decreases. That is why, use of herbal medicine Phen375 allows not only to reduce the body weight, but also to decrease the risk of obesity-related pathologies.

While using anti-obesity herbal pills Phen375, a patient starts to control the amount of consumed calories. If patient can increase physical activity in combination with diet and Phen375 use, he will be able not only to control the body weight but also to prevent re-accumulation of fat tissue.

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