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The most popular OTC fat burner Phen375 in USA is manufactured by RDK Global. The FDA-approved laboratory and central office of RDK Global Company is in Dallas, Texas.

RDK Global has been producing effective and safe dietary supplements in the USA over seven years, and it has been a supplier of natural fat burner Phen375 on US and international market for 5 years already.

Besides Phen375 diet pills, RDK Global produces such popular in USA dietary supplements, as: Adiphene, KouTea, Optimus Green Coffee, Brestrogen, and Provailen. All listed dietary supplements are sold in the USA without a prescription.

RDK Global is one of the few US manufacturers of dietary supplements, providing consultative support to potential customers. More than 50 sales staff provide a 24-hour customer support not only in English, but also in many other languages.

It should be noted that RDK Global provides an opportunity to buy Phen375 and other weight loss supplements not only in the USA, but also in dozens of other countries. If you want to buy safe and effective fat burner Phen375, you should know that RDK Global is:

  • The only manufacturer of Phen375 pills
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Phen375 diet pills are sold by owner at a fixed price. Therefore, regardless of buyer’s residence country, Phen375 pills price does not change.

If you want to reduce your expenses for obesity treatment, you can get a pack of fat burner Phen375 absolutely free. You can get more information on how to obtain free Phen375 diet pills from qualified customer support specialists of RDK Global.