diethylpropionHundreds of thousands of people around the world are looking for an effective drug for weight loss. Pharmacological effect of many weight loss drugs, e.g. Diethylpropion, is appetite suppression. Therefore, regular use of weight loss tablets Diethylpropion helps to significantly reduce the number of meals and the amount of high-calorie foods.

If you wish to lose weight quickly with Diethylpropion, it is necessary to keep to a diet and increase physical activity. Regular exercise in combination with weight loss tablets Diethylpropion will increase fat burning rate, thus greatly accelerating weight loss.

Diethylpropion is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. Therefore, all weight loss drugs, possessing anorexigenic effect, including Diethylpropion, are available in U.S. pharmacies by prescription only. Prescription drug Diethylpropion has many contraindications. Side effects are possible in people, who are taking these weight loss tablets.

If Diethylpropion causes severe side effects, they can be replaced by natural weight loss product Phen375. OTC weight loss drug Phen375 contains herbal ingredients, which are not only able to suppress your appetite, but also to:

  • increase metabolism
  • strengthen immune system,
  • improve mental and physical state.

Natural ingredients, used in non-prescription weight loss drug Phen375, are produced in a laboratory, certified by the FDA. Therefore, people, buying natural diet pills Phen375, can be confident that these will help them reduce weight without harming their health or causing any side effects.

Of course, natural diet pills Phen375 do not have such a strong anorexigenic effect, as anti-obesity drug Diethylpropion. Nevertheless, moderate anorexigenic effect of Phen375 diet pills, combined with a low-calorie diet and increased physical activity, allows losing weight without side effects.

Weight loss drug Phen375 contains eight high-quality ingredients, which allow loosing up to 2.5 kg per week. Regular intake of Phen375 diet pills will help you achieve optimal body weight in just a few months. All Phen375 ingredients complement each other and manage turning your body into a fat burning machine, which works 24 hours a day.

Phen375 first appeared on the U.S. market in 2009. Since then, there are no reports on side effects in people, taking Phen375. Originally Phen375 contained only six active ingredients:

  • caffeine – suppresses appetite and helps to stick to the strictest diet
  • coleus forskohlii – stimulates destruction of fatty cells
  • L-carnitine – stimulates the fat burning and improves physical endurance
  • citrus aurantium extract – improves metabolism and speeds up fat burning
  • calcium carbonate – strengthens bone tissue
  • chromium picolinate – reduces the blood cholesterol
  • In 2013, RDK Global improved Phen375formula, and added two more active ingredients in this weight loss product:
  • cayenne (capsicum) – increases thermogenesis
  • dendrobium nobile extract – improves cognitive function

New improved formula of Phen375 has become more efficient. We remind you that, to achieve maximum weight loss, diet pills Phen375 should be taken in combination with a low-calorie diet and exercise. Monotherapy with Phen375 will not provide optimal weight loss.

Before registering an order for Phen375 online, you may find some success weight loss stories of Phen375 on American slimming internet forums. The main consumers of Phen375 natural product are overweight Americans.