getting_rxNot many obese Americans know that powerful appetite suppressants can be prescribed only after several months of diet therapy and regular exercise. So, you shouldn’t expect to get a prescription for an anorexigenic drug at your first doctor consultation.

Obesity treatment always begins with a diet plan and increased physical activity. Within a few months, obese people should independently try to control their appetite and gradually increase their physical activity level.

If a significant result is not achieved in a few months of medication-free obesity therapy, doctor may prescribe one of the prescription weight loss drugs, available in the US market.

RX weight loss drugs can cause serious side effects, and their use has several tens of contraindications. So, you can get a prescription for diet pills only after a medical examination.

To obtain a prescription for RX diet pills, you have to pass urine and blood laboratory analyses. In addition, you may need an electrocardiogram and chest X-ray.

Almost all weight loss drugs, available in US by prescription only, can cause drug dependence. Therefore, obese patients, prone to addiction or alcoholism, may be prescribed with RX diet pills only after a psychiatrist consultation. If the doctor decides that the risk of weight loss drug abuse is very high, he will prescribe diet pills, which do not affect central nervous system functions.

After receiving the results of laboratory and diagnostic tests, you doctor will objectively evaluate benefits and potential risks, which may arise, when you will be using RX drug.

Evaluation of RX drugs’ efficacy and safety is carried out not only before, but also during the obesity treatment. It is not excluded that RX weight loss drug can cause serious side effects in the first days of obesity treatment. Therefore, you must immediately inform your doctor about all adverse reactions, occurring after you take RX diet pills.

If RX weight loss drug contains a controlled substance, you can get a prescription for no more, than 30 diet pills. This means that if the obesity treatment requires more than one month, obese patient needs to visit his doctor every 30 days.

If weight loss drugs are contraindicated to you, and you can not get a prescription for them, discuss with your doctor over-the-counter diet pills. You can get complete, objective and reliable information about one of the most popular in the USA diet pills Phen375 by phone or email.