More than 30% of American adults are obese, and about 60% of American adults have excessive weight. Dynamics of growth in the number of children and adolescents with obesity and excessive weight is the particular concern.

As the levels of obesity increase, so does the cost of anti-obesity campaign. Today, more than 5% of total health expenditure in the USA is the spending on obesity prevention and treatment.

Due to obesity, average life expectancy in the USA can be significantly reduced. Therefore, the huge cost of treating obesity, which constitutes more, than 120 billion US dollars a year, is justified.

Serious concern is not only the negative impact of obesity on the social and professional activity of the USA population, but also obesity impact on the health of the nation. Indeed, overweight and obesity contribute to dangerous diseases, some of which lead to patients’ disability.

The most frequent pathologies, diagnosed in obese Americans, are: diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and cancer. If you lead an active lifestyle, follow a healthy diet and achieve a significant weight reduction, you can stop many diseases from developing and progressing.

Daily physical activity, lasting 20-40 minutes, and a decrease in the daily ration by only 100-150 calories, helps not only to stop obesity progression, but also to significantly improve your health.

It should be understood that a sustainable motivation is one of the key components to solve the problem of obesity and overweight. Indeed, if a person lacks desire and motivation, it is very difficult to keep to a balanced and healthy diet, and lead an active lifestyle.